Youth Development

KOSD’s Youth Programs provide enrichment activities for more than 100 students from Burma!

First Generation


Around 25 young adults participate in this proactive, collaborative youth group. Once a week, the group meets for an hour and a half to develop the group’s mission, build relationships with one another, participate in community service activities, discover healthy lifestyles in their new environment and learn about various topics chosen by the group. The group was formed to get youth from all refugee groups from Burma to work together and empower themselves. All ethnic groups from Burma are welcome! For the future, the group’s hope is to affirm each other’s worth, develop sustainability in the community, and to engage the youth in community service and betterment.

After School Program

 Year round programming to:

  1. Help youth with their homework
  2. Provide summer academic activities such as Reading, Writing and Science Clubs
  3. Opportunities for recreational activities such as art, music, sports, eco-therapy, environmental stewardship, nutrition education, service learning and more!
  4. Promote 5-2-1-0 and other childhood obesity initiatives

Tutoring sessions are on Wednesday’s from 1:00 to 4:00 from September through June.This program serves more than 40 students from our community with an average of 15 students coming each week.


Middle School Program

KOSD’s Middle School program partners with the Aja Project and SAY San Diego to provide enrichment activities for at risk youth.  Programs include peer-to-peer mentorships, soccer teams, and a photography project.  KOSD’s Middle School Program serves more than 50 middle schoolers from our community.

KOSD Summer School Program

KOSD’s Summer School Program is held everyday in August.  Classes for youth center around English Language Enrichment activities and Karen and Burmese language lessons.  KOSD also serves free lunches for children throughout August.  Last year’s Summer School Program attracted almost 100 students and we hope to have a similar turnout this year!