Targeted Case Management

OBJECTIVE: Provide case management services to meet the needs of the Karen and other refugees from Burma.

Services & Initiatives

Assist clients enroll and stay up to date with all welfare services; enroll clients in public benefit programs as appropriate, and help ensure documentation and identification materials are in place and in good order

Provide translators for Karen, Karenni, and Burmese speakers
Assist clients in accessing welfare, educational, and health resources

Welfare Services, including but not limited to:
  • Social security card application
  • Cash Aid, MediCal, SSI and/or Food Stamps applications and inquiries
  • Obtaining a driver’s license or identification card

Education Connections: KOSD helps ensure clients are enrolled in school and receiving educational resources. We are a part of the Crawford Community Collaborative and we partner with many other schools in the City Heights area to ensure clients are receiving the best possible education, tailored to their specific circumstances.

Health Care: KOSD helps refugees connect with health clinics and mental health practitioners and conducts outreach and education to reduce health disparities in the community. Our Case Managers are also certified with Covered California to assist clients with the Affordable Care Act changes.

Housing: KOSD helps families’ access rental housing units, or, for those interested in buying their own house, we provide referrals to agencies that assist with the home buying process. We also provide training to help refugees learn about their rights and responsibilities as tenants and how to properly maintain their homes.

Immigration: Provide referrals for green cards, host Citizenship classes for those preparing for the Citizenship Test through valued partnerships, and aid with other immigration issues that arise.

Community Resources Connections: KOSD provides information about a variety of services at other agencies and assist clients through the enrollment processes. These services include but are not limited to Public Health Programs, Food Security Programs, Financial Literacy Programs, Cultural Arts Programs, Domestic Violence Services, Substance Abuse Services, Leadership Trainings, and Recreational Activities. We also aid with enrolling clients in assistance programs for their utilities, and help them with any concerns regarding their bills.

English as a Second Language classes.