Job Development

OBJECTIVE: Find employment opportunities for refugees from Burma because steady employment is key for their self-sufficiency.

Services & Initiatives

Job search workshops and training targeted to refugees from Burma;
  • Work-readiness training;
  • Resume development;
  • Job search assistance;
  • Job application assistance;
  • Connection to prospective employers;
  • Community support services;
  • When necessary, transportation to and from job interviews, or help figuring out public transportation;
  • Translation services;
  • Vocational training and internship placements;
  • Job orientations; and
  • Follow up with KOSD clients who have received assistance

Why Prospective Employers Work with KOSD

  • Refugees from Burma are highly motivated with a strong work ethic;
  • KOSD works with the employers to create trainings that are designed to prepare the employees and meet employer’s needs;
  • KOSD can assist with translation and cultural trainings; and
  • KOSD is easily accessible and offers support throughout the placement and even after the placement

Video created by the San Diego Refugee Forum Employment Task Force, on the benefits of hiring a new American: