Culture Preservation and Awareness

OBJECTIVE: Preserve the Karen and other minority groups’ culture including but not limited to their languages, songs, dances, food, traditions including traditional weaving and to inform the general public about the Karen and other refugee’s culture from Burma.

Services & Initiatives

  •  Cultural Events (ex: Karen New Year Celebration)
  • Karen and Burmese language classes for children and youth
  • Cultural dance preservation through scheduled practice and performances
  • Culture Presentations to school teachers and the general public

HOMESPUN: Born in Burma . . . Made in America

HOMESPUN is KOSD’s microenterprise and cultural preservation program created in partnership with University of San Diego:

“[HOMESPUN is] a community-driven project where refugees from Burma living in San Diego preserve, share, and reinvent their traditional craft of weaving and sell their creations through HOMESPUN. The innovation uses community-based education to empower entrepreneurs among the refugee community… It promotes indigenous culture, language, and storytelling in a communal learning environment. Producing and selling woven goods is just the first step toward creating other enterprises and gaining leadership skills for life. Weavers gain skills to become master teachers, passing on the art of weaving to the broader San Diego community. Refugees from Burma are new to the US, and this project is about catching the wave of creative energy at a critical moment for a community that hasn’t been exposed to this opportunity before.”