KOSD Collaborates with Community Organizations in San Diego

KOSD believes in the importance of collaboration to provide stronger services to members of our community. To this end, KOSD staff are involved in several community collaboration groups in San Diego. The largest of these is the Refugee Forum, which brings together representatives of many community and government organizations that are working to assist refugees living in San Diego. Refugee Forum meetings are an opportunity for members to network with one another, share ideas about best practices for refugee assistance, and to view presentations that help to educate the community of providers about services that are available.

KOSD is happy to be an active part of the Refugee Forum. In addition to attending meetings, KOSD staff take part in Task Forces of the Refugee Forum that collaborate to improve services for refugees. Nao is currently the chair of the Refugee Day Task Force which is helping to plan an event to celebrate refugees in San Diego as a part of World Refugee Day. Staff members are also active on the Health Task Force, which endeavors to promote refugee needs such as the need for skilled medical translators, and the Employment Task Force which is planning a job fair for refugees in San Diego.

In addition to the Refugee Forum, KOSD is also an active member of the Crawford Community Collaborative and the new City Heights Collaborative. The Crawford Community Collaborative meets to discuss the unique needs of refugee students in the Crawford School Cluster. Presentations are given about issues such as child sex trafficking and domestic violence so that service providers are better able to help community members become aware of the darker issues faced by our youth. The City Heights Collaborative is a new group that has formed to create collaboration between nonprofits in City Heights so that our clients can be connected to services being provided by other organizations in the neighborhood.

Other partnerships with community organizations are helping to provide opportunities for KOSD youth. KOSD currently partners with Social Advocates for Youth- SAY San Diego, which helps in running the soccer programs for our middle schoolers. Youth in our community are also currently involved in The AjA Project which allows youth to document their lives and social environment through photography. These partnerships help to enrich the programs that we are able to provide to refugee youth from Burma.

These are just a few of the collaborative relationships that KOSD is a part of. In the past, KOSD has partnered with many other organizations working in San Diego. Our hope is that through these collaborations, we can better connect our community members with the services that they need. We also hope to raise awareness of the needs of refugees from Burma in the larger nonprofit community in San Diego so that they are not overlooked when new services are being planned in the community. KOSD is proud to be a part of the vibrant community of service providers helping to improve the standard of living for those who reside in San Diego.