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KOSD believes in the importance of collaboration to provide stronger services to members of our community.
  • San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition (SDRCC) Read More

    The San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition (SDRCC) was established in September 2019 following a year long planning process. SDRCC’s mission statement says “the San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition will lead coordinated action to ensure that individuals and families from refugee communities are healthy, safe, and thriving.”

  • The Teaching and Learning Collaborative Inc. Read More

    The Teaching & Learning Collaborative is committed to providing equity and access to the highest-quality educational opportunities. We focus our efforts on marginalized populations, including historically underrepresented communities and newcomer students.

  • Kid By Kid Read More

    Through free online one-on-one tutoring, Kid By Kid Middle and High School student volunteers (Tutors/Mentors) work with under-served Elementary and Middle School-aged immigrant, refugee, and ESL students (Learners) to provide life-changing academic opportunity, support, and assistance.

  • UC San Diego PAL Program Read More

    Partners At Learning (PAL) provides opportunities for UC San Diego undergraduate students to work with underserved P-12 students and schools.

  • Asian Solidarity Collective Read More

    Asian Solidarity Collective (ASC) is a grassroots organization in San Diego whose mission is to activate Asian American social justice consciousness, condemn anti-Blackness, and build Asian solidarity intersectionally with Black, Brown and Indigenous folks, people with disabilities, queer and trans people of color, and all oppressed communities. action.

  • Partnership for Advancement of New Americans (PANA) Read More

    The Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans (PANA) is a research, public policy, and community organizing hub dedicated to advancing the full economic, social, & civic inclusion of refugees.

  • United Women’s of East Africa Support Team Read More

    UWEAST is a San Diego nonprofit providing health services, education and advocacy for the well-being of the East African community, women and families.

  • San Diego Refugee Forum Read More

    The San Diego Refugee Forum is a professional association of organizations that advocates serving all populations fleeing persecution and seeking refuge in San Diego.

  • Crawford Community Connection Read More

    Crawford Community Connection (CCC) ensures that Crawford Cluster schools and their students are linked to a network of services and community resources to eliminate barriers to student access.

From the Community

“KOSD supported me throughout COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic was a scary moment in my life. My family was fill with worries and fears during lockdown. We know that we have to keep our family safe. But how??? KOSD did not leave us behind. They provided food and PPE supplies at our door which we really need at that period of time. We felt relief from the anxiety and fear.”

“Being in this country without the ability to read and write English is very challenging. However, through KOSD my worries and stress is slowly being lifted off my chest. They assisted me and my family’s Welfare application every time I needed help and for that I am truly grateful.”

“KOSD helps my family with papers, with school, and others. Since I am a student, KOSD help me join FG youth group which I love being there because I make new friends, learning and also have fun.”