HOMESPUN Receives $2500

On Friday, May 3, 2013, Grace Michel (pictured, left) and Andrew Rae, KOSD’s Board Chair, were recognized for their efforts in this year’s University of San Diego International Peace and Justice Center Social Innovation Challenge. The annual challenge targets international initiatives and communities to encourage small business growth.

The $2,500 grant HOMESPUN received was awarded to support a micro-enterprise and cultural awareness initiative aimed at

  • forming and sustaining a co-op of traditional Karen weavers to develop an audience and innovate new designs to reach an American market
  • generating an after-school program for Karen youth interested in keeping up the practice of traditional Karen weaving


Grace Michel, HOMESPUN & Erin De Wyn, KOSD
wearing traditionally woven Karen skirts

“HOMESPUN is a sustainable social business venture and community-based entrepreneurship education program … Through HOMESPUN, refugees from Burma in San Diego create and sell innovative and traditional woven goods and gain entrepreneurial and leadership skills for life. HOMESPUN is more than just fair trade woven goods business, it is a space for bringing together different generations of refugees to weave their lives and stories together, breaking social isolation, and strengthening the community.”