Board Members

KOSD Board Officers

Claire Henry Enemark, Board Co-Chair

Claire Henry Enemark has been working with the Karen community since 2011. Her work began with the International Rescue Committee as an ESL Teacher for newly arrived refugee students in High School. From there her role expanded to advocacy for the specific learning needs of refugee youth and working as a Liaison between San Diego schools and refugee families. This work has made her deeply engaged in the lives of the members of the Karen community. She brings a keen focus on the role of cross-cultural communication and bridge building between the Karen community and the San Diego public institutions that serve them.  Claire holds a degree in Spanish and International Development Studies from Point Loma Nazarene University.

Yaw Lay Htoo, Board Co-Chair

Yaw Lay Htoo has been involved with the Karen community in San Diego since 2011 and has served the KOSD as Chair of the Community Leaders Board Sub-Committee since 2014. He has been recognized as a great leader in the community since then. His deep insight and wisdom have helped KOSD improve its programs. He lived in Mae La Oo Karen refugee camp until 2011 where he served the community as a section leader.

Hanh Tran, Board Secretary

Hanh joined the KOSD board in 2017. She has more than a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector and currently works in youth development. Hanh has volunteered abroad in various communities, including working with rural artisans in Burundi, women entrepreneurs in Vietnam and aspiring youth filmmakers in India. She received her M.P.A. from New York University and her B.A. in journalism and marketing from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Bu Lai, Board Co-Secretary

Bu Lai is another strong female Karen leader in San Diego. Since she was resettled in San Diego in 2008. As a mother of three children, she also has been encouraging and empowering mothers and female refugees in San Diego. She lived in Umpiem Karen refugee camp for more than 15 years where she was a elementary school teacher.

Gregory Stone, Board Co-Treasurer 

Gregory Stone graduated with a BA in International relations and has foreign volunteer and travel experiences as a passionate supporter of international dialogue and immigrant communities.  He has always been interested in Burma and dreams of traveling there one day. He works in the college education sector and served as Secretary and Co-President of the non-profit Impact Young Adults in San Diego. 


KOSD Board Members

Andrew Rae

Andrew Rae was elected as Board Chair to KOSD in 2014 for a three year term. He lived and worked in Mae La Oon, a Karen refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border from 2008 to 2009. While in the camp, Andrew taught as an English Language Instructor for The Northern Karen Junior College (NKJC) and also served as a Program Manager and Instructor for the participatory photography-based Record of Truth program (ROT). 

Carolyn Smyth

Carolyn Smyth has 15 years of experience working in San Diego’s nonprofit sector. With an MA in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the University of San Diego, she has designed and implemented numerous programs targeting San Diego’s most vulnerable populations- women, youth and families. Currently she is the Executive Director of the Impact Young Adults, a non-profit organization providing services to young adults with mental illness, ages 18 – 35, to enrich their lives with experiences of acceptance, personal growth, and accomplishment. She brings to the Karen organization her skills in grant writing and program evaluation. She joined the KOSD Board in 2014 and currently serves the KOSD as a Board Secretary.

Po Grip

Po Grip has been a senior leader from Burma in San Diego. He lived in Mae La Karen refugee camp for more than 15 years before moving to the U.S. He and his family moved to San Diego in 2012, and he has been a dedicated community member/ leader since then. He is a part of the KOSD’s Senior Club and has shared his wisdom with others.  

Law Mae

After living in Mae La Oo Karen refugee camp for more than 15 years, Law Mae has been involved in the community of refugees from Burma since 2012, right after his family was resettled in San Diego. As a father of 6 children, he has motivated and encouraged other fathers in the community. In Mae La Oo camp, Law Mae severed his section as a security.

Maung Tin Win

Maung Tin Win has been involved with the Karen community in San Diego since 2007. His family was one of a few Karen families resettled in San Diego for the first time. He lived in Mae La Karen refugee camp before moving to the U.S. where he was active working with community. He is one of the most dedicated leaders who really care about the community. 

Thager Ler

After living in Mae La Karen refugee camp for more than 15 years, Thager Ler has been involved in the community of refugees from Burma in San Diego since 2008. As a father of two great children, he helps the KOSD by sharing his experiences and wisdom on how to involve children’s education when parents have language barriers.